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From Broadway performer to International Opera Singer.

From Concert Halls and Opera Stages all over the world.

From sold out theaters, to singing for world leaders, to performing for audiences of 18,000 people, to creating a Children’s Foundation and mentoring young people - to becoming a Professor - this all came to a crashing stop with the loss of my only child.

My world was shaken to its core. Nothing made sense anymore and everything I believed about life was in question. Never had I imagined that one day music and sound would serve my emotional stability through such unimaginable loss.

My beloved 19 year old son Dylan Sage passed on March 27, 2015, moving me into the world of Energy Medicine and Sound Healing.

On the night he crossed over, Dylan sent a huge shooting star over the Los Angeles basin. I've never seen a shooting star in Los Angeles, the city is too bright. But on this night the star blazed across the sky, seeming to originate from right above our family home, crossing over the Pacific Ocean, arcing over the City of Angels. I could hear him speaking excitedly in a loud voice, "Mom, I made it, I'm in heaven with God!".

As a young person, faith guided me. God was always present, but from the night my son died, my faith deepened exponentially. Although he has left this physical plane, Dylan sends signs and we are in constant communication.

We are working together, hand in hand to bring comfort and peace and healing. Wondrous Grace. Forever Love.

He is teaching me that I am Spirit, Light and Love in a human body. He is giving me life again in a new way, birthing me, just as I birthed him- ‘this child that you delivered will soon deliver you.’ says the lyric of one of my favorite Christmas songs, “ Mary, did you know ?”. 

My grief is transforming through vibrational communication to profound understanding, clarity and joy. In this new way of living, I Am That. Through Voice, Music and the tones of the Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls, this eternal connection with my son is grounding me with the radiant Light of Heaven on Earth, amplifying the healing frequency of unconditional love.


Why Sound Healing? 

A live musical excerpt and story of eternal love 

June 17th, 2015. Dylan at Machu Picchu with Dr. Sue Morter