Jeralyn Glass is an internationally known Singer, Professor, Sound Healing Practitioner, and Crystal Singing Bowl Master Alchemist. She has a unique presence with her personal alchemy of classical music, meditation and high vibrational sound.

Jeralyn’s music is beyond anything I have ever experienced ... uplifting, heavenly and truly transformational.
— Dr. John Gray, Lecturer and  NY Times Bestselling Author

Jeralyn began her career on Broadway and continued on the Opera and Concert stages of the world, where she is known as a “Mozart singer of the first order”. Recently, she was honored to sing the National Anthem for over 18,000 people in her hometown of Los Angeles. She is a well loved Gala performer and has written and sung tributes to star athletes Kareem Abdul Jabar and Kobe Bryant as well as sung for the former German President Horst Kohler and the former French President Valerie Giscard d’Estaing. Jeralyn established her classical music career in Europe, singing regularly in France, Spain, Belgium, Holland, Austria and in Germany, where she created a successful children's foundation, kids4kidsworld in Munich. Under her artistic leadership, over 180 youth were trained in the performing arts, and through their original musical shows, over $270,000 was raised for music therapy for children. Kids4kids is committed to increasing social awareness and instilling responsibility in youth through their dynamic training concept.

Jeralyn is passionate about sound and music as tools of self discovery. She is the founder of Crystal Cadence, a place for Song and Sound Healing and home of the Los Angeles Crystal Tones Singing Bowl Temple where over 250 alchemy bowls are on display for purchase. Jeralyn is active in the medical community, leading her popular Crystal Bowl meditations for cancer patients, working closely with The Cancer Support Community in Southern California. She leads Sacred Sound Circles from the United States to Asia and Australia. She is a regular guest musician and Sound Healing Practitioner at Kamalaya, the exclusive Condé Nast Gold Wellness Sanctuary in Thailand. Jeralyn uses her gifts to inspire and heal, holding a space of love, embodiment, integration and empowerment. She was invited to perform and present at the First International Crystal Bowl Symposium in Australia in May 2017, followed by an engagement as Keynote Musical Artist and Workshop Presenter at the 40th National Convention of 'The Compassionate Friends', in July 2017 where 1500 people gathered to share loss and find comfort. She has worked with Beyond Words alongside Dr. John Gray, and performed her high vibrational music  for Marianne Williamson’s New Years Retreat 2017. Jeralyn presented in Detroit at the Awake and Empowered Expo.  She created the opening concert of the Los Angeles Conscious Life Expo, 2018 alongside Barbara Marx Hubbard and led larger group sound immersions. In June 2018 she gave a special concert performance of her ‘Forever Love' at the Science and Spirituality Conference in Canada alongside Kryon, Gregg Braden, Joe Dispenza, Lynn McTaggart and Bruce Lipton. She will play her ‘Soul Soothing Sounds’ at the Braden/Lipton event in November ‘From Chaos to Coherence’.
This Nov, she is offering ‘The Sacred Science of Sound’ an online event with wonderful guest speakers for the Thanksgiving Season.

Jeralyn Glass brings sacred sound into an event, uplifting the energy and casting an enchanting spell over all participants.
— Marianne Williamson
Jeralyn’s crystal sounds carry not only healing vibrations but also her love to the world. Her singing bowls reached out my heart and audiences’ hearts like bright light shining upon us. Her dedication to the high quality performance through crystal singing bowls and her beautiful voice moved all generations in the concert space. I am grateful that I have had chances to experience her healing sounds.
— Mariko Hiyama. Facial Reflexologist / Founder Face and Soul by MARI Yoga
Jeralyn Glass is an exquisite messenger bringing light, love, joy, and healing through music and sacred sound. She combines her beautiful voice with the Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls to raise people’s vibrational frequency and to create deep, cellular transformation.
— Marci Shimoff, Professional Speaker, #1 NY Times Bestseller Author, Happy for No Reason, Love for No Reason

Jeralyn is a certified Dr. Sue Morter Energy Codes Practitioner. She offers a variety of sound healing concerts, workshops & meditation events in Los Angeles collaborating with other musicians and gives regular classes at Ceremony Meditation, Venice. 

Listening to Jeralyn’s singing is like nothing else. I feel things I’ve never felt before, and understand things I never understood before. Jeralyn is the most emotionally moving musician I’ve ever heard. The way she incorporates the crystal singing bowls into her music so seamlessly and aesthetically is surprising and beautiful.
— Dr. Daniel J. Levitin, neuroscientist, music producer and author of the #1 international best-seller This Is Your Brain on Music

Through the exquisite vibrations of the Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls, Jeralyn leads you inward into the world of healing sound, bringing her wisdom from a career of performing and teaching worldwide. The tremendously powerful frequencies amplified in the singing bowls, support balance and healing in our energy field. They create crystalline cadences in our very cells, releasing the old, awakening new cellular patterns of vibration and they build the energetic circuits to house unconditional love: potent, anchored and integrated. Experience the Crystal Singing Bowls' expansive ability to transmute emotions and drama, releasing negativity and disease, grounding you in health and wholeness.

To hear Jeralyn Glass sing is to hear the colors of sound. Every note paints a picture, an exquisite expression of the beauty in her heart. Hearing Jeralyn sing is a gift of a lifetime.
— Jennifer Read Hawthorne,  professional speaker, bestselling author, Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul

Jeralyn has been working with Crystal Singing Bowls since 2008. However, her deeply personal journey with healing sound began in Spring 2015, when she lost her only child. Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls have been a definitive grounding force, holding the connection of heaven and earth through vibrational frequency and emanating the radiant light of healing. Her newly released CD, 'Forever Love' (iTunes, CDbaby) using the Crystal Bowls interwoven with instruments, dedicated to her son, poignantly resonates eternal love. Join an exquisite experience of celestial tone and the human voice and profoundly connect to the gemstone-infused bowls. Jeralyn shares her transformational journey with the heavenly vibrations of the Crystal Tones Alchemy Singing Bowls and her 'Music of the Heart'.

As the Program Director at the Cancer Support Community Redondo Beach, I frequently hear from our participants about how one of our classes has impacted them....but nothing as dynamic and passionate as the feedback I hear about Jeralyn’s Crystal Alchemy Sound Bowls Class.  Our participants tell me it’s “magical” and “transformative”. They rave about how “they are pain free for that hour”, “that they can finally concentrate afterward”, and “that all their anxiety and stress floats away”. Jeralyn’s class is so popular that there is always a waiting list because it fills up faster than any class we offer.  Our participants absolutely love this class for the calming reprieve and relief it brings to cancer.
— Nancy Lomibao, MS, LMFT 36645 / Program Director, Cancer Support Community-Redondo Beach

In addition to her teaching and musical offerings, Jeralyn is currently at work on ‘An Enlightened Christmas’, a project of traditional song, crystal alchemy bowls, and meditations with Dr. Sue Morter and a jazz/meditation album with alchemy crystal singing bowls.