Tune Up Tuesday


Breath of Heaven Earth

A stunning F major set in the key of the Heart. Lemurian Seed Crystal, Lemon Aura Gold with Tesseract Salt, Lavender Sunset Gold and Platinum, Grandmother, Dead Sea Salt. Platinum, Apopholite.


Super Short Sound Meditations

Take a few minutes to relax your mind, breathe, and feel.

Calming the Mind & Balancing the Brain

Calming the mind and balancing the brain using the binaural beat - Jeralyn plays Crystal Tones - Supergrade Grandmother A#, Lemurian Seed A#, Kyanite A#, Sacred Geometry F, Lapis Lazuli D.


 Anchoring and Opening the Heart

Listen to the profound sounds of 2 super grade bowls, Ocean Gold/Laughing Buddha, Grandmother Crone, and Morganite, Abalone and Pink Tourmaline. Anchor and connect deeply to the earth, opening the heart.


Going with the Flow

Hear the frequencies of Moonstone, Abalone with Blue Ocean Gold and Platinum, Rose Quartz, Indigo, St. Germain, and Lapis amplified in this fluid meditation.


Grounding Intuitive Wisdom and Trusting Your Gut

Experience the beauty of high vibrational gemstone sound with Imperial Topaz, Rose Quartz, Palladium, Larimar, Peridot, Grandmother, Ocean Gold and White Gold.

Meditations at Kamalaya Koh Samui Wellness Sanctuary and Holistic Spa, Thailand

New Moon Meditation

with Jeralyn on crystal healing bowls featuring Gottfried Kling on Hang (instrument) 


Morning Meditation


Sunset Concert


'Ave Maria'

Performed live at the Christmas Concert, December 2016



Performed live at the Christmas Concert, December 2016

Other Sound Meditations

At Likir Monastery - Heartsongs in the Himalayas with Kevin James, Summer 2016